The BABIES Are Always Happy

Baby Cardano

Baby Cardano provides the best to the community. We have assembled an experienced, focused, and goal-oriented team of software engineers, financial advisers, and marketers.

By just keeping BADA coin in your wallet, you will earn more Baby Cardano which will be immediately sent to your wallet.

BABY CARDANO, strongly rewards all holders with new tokens. Are you ready for the infinite generosity of our $BADA. Then you are cordially invited to become the proud holder of his tokens.

Who We Are?

BABY CARDANO Mem. Big big dream. With the power and support of the community, it aims to travel to the moon and take its place on the moon.

BADA was founded in NOVEMBER 2021 with the goal of being a decentralized meme project with a real purpose to create the first startup exchange for emerging tokens to grow rapidly and for previously released tokens to create an exchange where they can grow safely.

BABY CARDANO mission is to bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream. Unlike older, comparable projects, BABY CARDANO gives allo holders 5% CARDANO and rewards owners 4% ownership Cardano rewards as participation and will manual burn 11% of the total supply, introducing next generation concepts such as decentralized exchanges and more In the first months of its launch, BABY CARDANO aims to achieve its goals.


$BADA, is a deflationary token that takes a 11% tax from each buy and sell. This tax acts to benefit the project as a whole by putting 5% repurchased with CARDANO $ADA and redistributed to all BABY CARDANO $BADA holders, 4% repurchased with CARDANO $ADA and added to a marketing/team wallet to make sure that the project is able to succeed in the long term.

Another large purpose of the tax is to decentivise large token holders from buying and selling quickly and damaging the price. This almost always effects the small token holders and we want a fair coin for all.


Contract Address



Baby Cardano is fully decentralized and supported by its community of enthusiasts. We encourage open communication and believe, trust, transparency, and community are the pillars for longevity


In the cryptocurrency market, trust is paramount. That means full transparency not only in the community and development but also in the security effort.


BADA is one of the fastest-growing and most loved communities. In crypto, we believe that only by being together can we be strong as a community. Community is the pillar that keeps us going, and we strive to include everyone from around the globe. We would have multiple telegram channels dedicated to our international communities.


BADA is here for the long haul. By burning the coin automatically, it would provide more excellent price stability, which is essential for long time investors who are holding our token.


5% repurchased with CARDANO $ADA and redistributed to all BABY CARDANO $BADA holders


11% tax from each buy and sell


2% goes to liquidity


4% repurchased with CARDANO $ADA and added to a marketing/team wallet to make sure that the project is able to succeed in the long term.

Token Info

Token Symbol


Total Supply



Manuel Burn Event


%5 Cardano $ADA to all holder


Phase 1 Launch

  • Website Launch
  • BABY CARDANO Pancakeswap Listing
  • 1,000 Holders
  • 1,500 Telegram Members
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Liquidity locked
  • Manual burn event

Phase 2 Launch

  • 5,000 Holders
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Coinhunt & Coinsniper promos
  • 3,000 Telegram Members

Phase 3 launch

  • 10,000 Holders
  • Massive marketing by influencer
  • Dashboard value
  • Charity donations
  • 15,000 Telegram Members
  • Any More CEX Listings
  • Manual burn event

Phase 4 launch

  • Dapps / Games
  • 80,000 Holders
  • 25,000 Telegram Members
  • Redesign of Website
  • Large influencer marketing push
  • Tesla giveaway
  • Manual burn event

How To Buy


You’re going to need a wallet first and foremost! offers the most popular and functional option on the market, all available in a browser extension.


Next up, gas. Head to which should provide you the opportunity to buy some Smart Chain BNB. Send that to your Metamask wallet, and you’re ready to trade on Binance Smart Chain.


Head to exchange. pancakeswap. finance/ and click on “Connect or Unlock Wallet” at the top right corner to connect your Metamask wallet. Follow the prompts and allow PancakeSwap to view your accounts and addresses.


Click on “Select a currency” above where it currently says
“Enter an amount” and paste in the token contract address: Address of Baby Cardano.


Press the settings button that you see at the top right corner of the center panel. Adjust slippage to 11% to account for Baby Cardano. (In case the volume is high, you can increase the slippage in order to confirm your transaction!)